How much do a380 tires cost?

An A380 super jumbo tires will only last about 300 landings which is about six months of operations. And they cost $92,000 each to replace!

Also question is, how often do they change the tires on an airplane?

It takes two aircraft mechanics 45 minutes to an hour to replace a tire on an A330, each of which weighs 220 kilograms, using a jack (two for the center wheel), a wheel dolly, a spanner and a wrench. A tire is retreaded up to six times during its lifespan too, then finally replaced after 1,500 landings.

How many tires are on an airplane?

A Boeing 777 uses 14 tires, Airbus' A380 carries 22, and the enormous Antonov An-225 demands 32. The key to their remarkable durability is maximizing the air pressure, says Lee Bartholomew, lead test engineer for Michelin Aircraft Tires.

Do airplane tires have air in them?

Tires must be initially inflated only with nitrogen. However, air can be used to top off a low-pressure tire if the airplane is in a location where nitrogen is not readily available, provided that the oxygen content does not exceed 5 percent by volume.

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