How many LA Fitness clubs are there in the US?

If there were 128,000 members in 33 clubs, then there are roughly 3,879 members per club. Currently, there are over 800 clubs in America. I was unable to find specifics. Then, we do 800 x 3,879 = 3,103,200 members.

Accordingly, who bought out 24 Hour Fitness?

Forstmann Little & Co., a private equity firm, bought 24 Hour Fitness for $1.6 billion in 2005 from founder Mark Mastrov. One of the largest fitness chains in the United States, 24 Hour Fitness has nearly 4 million members and more than 400 clubs across the country.

What is it what is LA Fitness stand for?

LA Fitness International LLC (doing business as LA Fitness) is an American gym chain with over 700 clubs across the United States and Canada. The company was formed in 1984 and is based in Irvine, California.

How many 24 Hour Fitness locations are there in the US?