How do you set up voicemail on a Galaxy s5?

Tap Phone on your screen. Touch and hold to dial your voicemail number. Then simply follow the system prompts to create your password, record your name announcement and your greeting. Tip: You can also access and set up voicemail with the Visual Voicemail app.

Keeping this in view, how do I get to my voicemail on my Galaxy s5?

It's easy, but remember you need to save your voicemail number and divert calls to your voicemail before you can listen to your voice messages.

  1. Tap Phone.
  2. Tap Keypad.
  3. Tap and hold 1 to call your voicemail.
  4. Follow the instructions from your voicemail.
  5. Tap End call to end the call.

How do you set up a voicemail on a Samsung Galaxy?

To access your voicemail, hold down the 1 button. When prompted, enter the temporary password (the last four digits of your wireless phone number). Follow the instructions to set up a new password and record your name and a personal greeting (or use the default message). You can check your voicemail from a landline.

How do I set up voicemail on my Samsung Galaxy a5?

This guide will show you how to access your voicemail and activate call forward to your voicemail.

  1. Select Phone.
  2. Press and hold the number 1.
  3. If your voicemail is not set up, select Add number.
  4. Select Voicemail number.
  5. Enter the Voicemail number and select OK. Repeat steps 2-3 to check your voicemail.

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