How do you explode a spline in Autocad?

–Export to DXF:

  1. Copy and paste the Spline to a new drawing, use 0,0 as the control point.
  2. Save the new drawing as a R12 DXF format.
  3. Open the R12 DXF file. …
  4. Use the EXPLODE command on the 2d/3D polyline, which will turn it into line objects.
  5. Select all the lines using a window/crossing window.

Consequently, can you convert a spline into a polyline?

Use the SPLINEDIT command to convert a Spline to a Polyline: At the command line, type SPLINEDIT, then ENTER. Type P for "convert to Polyline", then ENTER. Specify the precision <0-99>, then ENTER.

What is the use of chamfer in Autocad?

AutoCAD 2014 For Dummies. Whereas TRim, EXtend, and BReak alter one object at a time, the Fillet and CHAmfer commands modify a pair of objects in AutoCAD 2014. Fillet creates a curved corner between two lines, whereas CHAmfer creates a beveled corner.

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