How do you eat a feijoa?

Eat them fresh from the tree. Simply pick them and eat them by cutting the fruit in half and scooping out the flesh with a small spoon. Use feijoas in alcoholic preparations, such as a feijoa cocktail or feijoa infused vodka. Make a smoothie.

Are feijoa skins edible?

Some cultivars of feijoa may be theoretically perfect fruits, in the sense that every part is edible. i.e. as with babaco, there is no skin to peel nor seeds to remove. Most people assume that feijoas must be peeled; and in fact, in fruits grown from seed, the skin is usually too sour to eat with pleasure.

Do guavas ripen after being picked?

If picked before the fruit is ripe, it will not ripen well, but if allowed to mature on the tree, the crop can be decimated by fruit flies. Because guavas can fruit and ripen year round in warm climates, where they are growing anyway, an exact time is not an adequate gauge for guava harvest season.

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