How do I plant ground cover?

Lay it down before planting and then cut holes in the fabric. Plant your ground cover in the holes. When covered with mulch, landscape fabric prevents light from reaching the soil, which will stop the sprouting of most weed seeds. Hold barren soil in place with burlap when planting ground cover on a slope.

Hereof, what types of plants are recommended to prevent soil erosion?

3 Ways Plants Can Help You Control Erosion

  • Grasses. Ornamental grasses like mondo, blue fescue, and yellow foxtail are ideal erosion fighters.
  • Ground Covers and Shrubs. Sturdy ground covers and shrubs are a great way to deter foot traffic through an area (another contributor to soil erosion).
  • Trees.

How can you keep soil from washing away?


  1. Plant grass and shrubs. Bare soil is easily swept away by wind and water, the two main causes of erosion.
  2. Add mulch or rocks.
  3. Use mulch matting to hold vegetation on slopes.
  4. Put down fiber logs.
  5. Build retaining walls.
  6. Improve drainage.
  7. Reduce watering if possible.
  8. Avoid soil compaction.

What can be done to slow erosion on steep slopes?

A range of methods reduce soil erosion, depending on the available time, skills and budget.

  • Planting and Watering. Improved planting and watering practices reduce soil erosion on steep slopes.
  • Controling Soil.
  • Growing Ground Cover Plants.
  • Building Terraces.

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