How do animals survive in a tide pool?

Tide pools are exposed to the water's ebb and flow, and plants and animals must adapt to survive wave turbulence, desiccation stress, predation, and competition for space and food. Barnacles, sponges, bryozoan, and other animals live on top of whatever or whomever they can latch onto.

Keeping this in consideration, do Starfish live in tide pools?

You might be most familiar with starfish that live in tide pools in the intertidal zone, but some live in deep water.

What is in a tide pool?

Tide pools (also tidal pools or rock pools) are rocky pools by the ocean that are filled with seawater. Tide pools can either be small and shallow or large and deep. The small ones are usually found far back on the shore and the large ones are found nearer to the ocean.

What are some plants that live in tide pools?

Some brown algae species commonly found in the littoral zone include:

  • sea potato (Leathesia spp.)
  • common rockweed (Pelvetiopsis limitata) and (Fucus spp.)
  • gulfweed (Sargassum muticum)
  • sea palm (Postelsia palmaeformis)
  • oar weed (Laminaria spp.)
  • feather boa kelp (Egregia menziesii)
  • giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera)

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