How deep is the water at Lake Havasu?

Considering this, how deep is the water at Hoover Dam?

The Hoover Dam is one of the most phenomenal structures in modern history. This 1244 feet long, 660 feet thick, and 726 feet high concrete behemoth holds back so much water that it deformed the earth's crust and caused 600 small earthquakes in the decade after its construction.

What year was the Parker Dam built?

How tall is Parker Dam?

Parker Dam is the 63rd-tallest dam in the US (320 ft). The top 10 tallest dams in the United States are: Oroville Dam, Hoover Dam, Dworshak Dam, Glen Canyon Dam, New Bullards Bar Dam, New Melones Dam, Mossyrock Dam, Shasta Dam, New Don Pedro Dam, Hungry Horse Dam.

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