How accurate is military grade GPS?

Normal GPS is plenty accurate to within single-digit meters with consumer-grade GPS receivers. Professional-grade receivers can be accurate to less than a meter, even without the encrypted signal. The accuracy of the GPS signal is identical for both the civilian GPS service (SPS) and the military GPS service (PPS).

How accurate is survey grade GPS?

The Map Grade GPS Receiver offers the user a range of position accuracy, depending on the receiver selected. At the lower end is the GPS receiver that can collect data to within accuracy levels of 3-5 meters, or 10-15 feet. Higher grade receivers are capable of reaching accuracy levels of 0.5 – 2 meters, or 1.5-5 feet.

How accurate is Garmin GPS?

Garmin GPS receivers are typically accurate to within 10 meters. Accuracy is even better on the water. Some Garmin GPS receiver accuracy is improved with WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System). This capability can improve accuracy to better than 3 meters, by providing corrections to the atmosphere.

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