Do you have to mark your ball on the putting green?

In tournament play, the USGA rules do not require you to mark your ball, however, in stroke play, if you're on the green and you hit another ball on the green, you incur a 2-stroke penalty. So another reason to mark your ball.

Besides, can you fix a ball mark in your putting line?

Rule 16-1c permits the repair of old hole plugs and ball marks but does not permit the repair of spike damage or other irregularities of surface on the putting green if they are on a player`s line of play or putt or might assist him in his subsequent play of the hole.

Do you have to use a putter on the green?

The Rules of Golf allow the use of any golf club to play any golf shot. If you want, you can tee off using a putter and putt using a driver. In fact, sometimes you have no choice but to use a club other than the putter when on the putting green.

Is the Fringe considered part of the green?

The fringe is not part of the putting green; it is a separate part of the course unto itself. Think of fringe as a ring around a putting green that is a sort of buffer between the green and the higher rough outside of the green.

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