Do lily pads have roots?

Lily pads get nutrients from these roots just like other plants. Some lily pads can also absorb nutrients from the water itself via either roots just dangling in the water and perhaps even via the leaves directly. Of course all lily pads also photosynthesize.

In this manner, what kind of fish will eat lily pads?

In some areas people introduce grass carp to their ponds to help eradicate water lilies. Some species of grass carp are invasive and should never be adding to lakes or ponds. Triploid carp, a type of grass carp, a grass carp, is sterile but your state may require a special permit to keep these exotic fish in your pond.

What does the lily pads eat?

Snails often eat a water lily pad, causing unsightly damage but rarely killing the plant. Two kinds of common snails that invade a pond and water lily are pond snails and apple snails. During their larval stage, the water lily beetle and water lily leaf beetle chew on lily pads.

Is Aquacide safe?

A: The Aquacide Pellets are registered federally with the E.P.A. and is safe for all wildlife. We recommend using 10-lbs. of Aquacide Pellets over a 4,000 square foot area with an average of 4 feet deep. They are systemic so they will kill the root system on all broadleaf weeds.

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