Do car chargers work in any cigarette lighters?

As Matthew said, the charger has a plug on it that fits into the cigaret lighter socket instead of the lighter unit. Pull the lighter unit out and put it in the glove box and just plug in your charger! Take out cigarette lighter and replace with charger. Most late model car have neither ashtray nor cigarette lighter.

In this regard, do they still have cigarette lighters in cars?

The "outlet" is the cigarette lighter although I think that none of the new cars actually have a cigarette lighter - it's simply the place where one plugs a GPS or cell phone charger. The cars are not built as 'no smoking cars' by the factory, so cigar lighters are still fitted as standard for that model of car.

Are all cigarette lighter sockets the same?

While this might seem complex, it's actually not. In basic terms, cigarette lighter sockets are accessory sockets, but accessory sockets aren't necessarily cigarette lighter sockets. And while they both work with 12V plugs, receptacles that meet the newer of the two standards will not accept cigarette lighters.

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