Do calla lilies need to be cut back?

Pruning Needs. Calla lilies don't require regular pruning, but you should deadhead the flowers as they wilt. Removing parts of the plant should not kill it. Cut them back at the soil level and dispose of any plant debris, and they'll come back in the spring.

Keeping this in consideration, how do you deadhead a lily?

Deadheading lily plants channels all that energy into the bulb. So how to deadhead a lily plant? Once a lily flower has faded, just break it off with your fingers or snip it off with a pair of shears to stop seed pod production. Make sure not to take off any leaves with the flower, however.

How do you cut stargazer lilies?

  1. Cut off "Stargazer" lily flower heads using pruning shears when the blooms begin to wilt at any time during the growing season.
  2. Remove the dead stems and foliage when the first frost of fall or winter kills them.

Do lilies bloom more than once a year?

As with most bulbs, lilies only bloom once per year. They need a cool winter dormancy period of at least 8 weeks in order to reinitiate the flowering cycle. Each plant blooms 2 - 3 weeks out of the year. By selecting varieties with staggered bloom season, it is possible to cover the entire summer (June - August).

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