Can you use WhatsApp in China?

WhatsApp is one of the few foreign messaging apps available in mainland China. WhatsApp is not as popular as the local app WeChat, but it is favoured by some for its end-to-end encryption. Facebook's flagship social networking site and its photo-sharing service Instagram are both blocked in mainland China.

Is Skype working in China?

For now, Skype video chats and phone calls still work in China, but users began complaining on social media about being unable to upgrade the app or buy credit to make Skype calls more than a month ago. Microsoft confirmed that Skype had been "temporarily removed" from the app store in China.

Can you use Gmail in China?

Yes, Gmail is blocked in China, as are all Google services. Google subsequently redirected all search traffic to its Hong Kong servers, but eventually lost almost all of its market share. Tip: To access Gmail or other blocked sites and services in China you will need a VPN.

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