Can you heat treat aluminum?

Heat treating processes for aluminum are precision processes. Solution heat treatments, to effect solid solution of alloying constituents and improve mechanical properties. Precipitation heat treatments, to provide hardening by precipitation of constituents from solid solution.

Keeping this in view, what does t6 temper mean?

Solution heat treatment is done by raising the alloy temperature to about 980 degrees F and holding it there for about an hour. The purpose of this is to dissolve all the alloying elements in a solid solution in the aluminum. This heat treatment is called aging, which results in material with a T6 temper.

What is the temperature to anneal aluminum?

Precipitation hardening is done at 320°F for 18 hours and air cool, followed by 350°F for 8 hours and air cooled. Annealing should be done at 775°F for at 2 to 3 hours at temperature, followed by controlled cooling at 50°F per hour down to 500°F then air cooled.

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