Can you get disability for a bulging disc?

If your herniated disc causes you continuous, long-lasting pain, then you may be eligible for monthly financial assistance through the Social Security disability benefits program. Herniated discs in the neck and back can qualify for benefits if your symptoms are severe enough.

Is a bulging disc the same as a herniated disc?

You may think a bulging disc is the same as a herniated disc, but there is a difference. With a herniated disc, a crack occurs in the outer layer of the disc, called the annulus. The crack usually affects a small part of the disc, and it allows the soft inner material of the nucleus pulposus to rupture out of the disc.

How should I sit with a bulging disc?

The dangers of poor sitting posture

  1. Keep your back flat against your chair, and also keep your shoulders tall with your head level over your spine.
  2. Keep your knees at the same level as your hips—or sit with your knees slightly above your hips if you are sitting at a desk.
  3. Keep your feet flat on the floor.

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