Can a palm tree survive in cold weather?

It is one of the most cold hardy palms available on the market today. Those of you living in northern gardening climates as high as zone 6 are still able to grow this stunning island beauty. Not only is Windmill Palm cold tolerant, but it is also unbelievably low maintenance and naturally pest resistant, too.

Considering this, do palm trees grow in Canada?

Yes, there are palm trees in Canada, but of course they are along the west coast of BC, mostly along the east side of Vancouver Island (Victoria and Nanaimo) the Vancouver area and the sunshine coast north of Vancouver. They are primarily the windmill palm, but there are also Cordylines and two species of banana.

Can a palm tree survive the winter?

The most cold-hardy of palms, these shrubby plants can tolerate temperatures down to 8 degrees below zero and survive defoliation down to 20 below. The slow growers can reach 4 to 5 feet. Needle palms require full to partial sun and protection from winter winds.

Can you plant a palm tree in Michigan?

Palm Trees. You don't have to live in the tropics to enjoy palm trees in your yard! Even northern homeowners can add cold hardy palms trees to the landscape. Your neighbors will be amazed when you plant Windmill Palm trees around your pool or patio and they survive a Michigan winter!

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