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This is not the case. One way to think of mass is as nothing more than a convenient name for rest energy. Photons are indeed massless and thus have zero rest energy. This is not an issue because according to special relativity, they do not come with a rest frame.

Correspondingly, do light photons have mass?

Does the photon have mass? After all, it has energy and energy is equivalent to mass. Photons are traditionally said to be massless. This is a figure of speech that physicists use to describe something about how a photon's particle-like properties are described by the language of special relativity.

Is there any weight of light?

Light is composed of photons, which have no mass, so therefore light has no mass and can't weigh anything. Not so fast. But because of Einstein's theory (and the fact that lightbehaves like it has mass, in that it's subject to gravity), we can say that mass and energy exist together.

Do energy have mass?

A single photon is a massless particle which yields: Therefore we have: While the mass of a single photon is ALWAYS zero, the mass of a system of photons is in general NOT zero. A system of photons is massless if all photons have the same momenta.

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