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How Durable are Pelican Cases? If you've ever researched how to safely transport your gear, you've undoubtedly come across the Pelican brand. These cases are light-weight, highly impact resistant, and water resistant. However, they aren't just protection for a photographers most prizes possessions.

Besides, what is the best Pelican case?

15 Best Pelican Case Alternative Reviews

  • Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case.
  • Nanuk 910 Waterproof Hard Case.
  • Royal Case Company Condition 1 Protective Case.
  • Amazon Basics Hard Camera Case – Small.
  • Seahorse 230 Medium Tactical Case.
  • Nanuk 925 Waterproof Hard Case.
  • Seahorse 920 Protective Wheeled Case with Foam.

Additionally, do Pelican cases protect against heat?

Yes the Pelican cases are insulated, but the temperature inside the case will equal the temperature outside of the case if the case is left in the same location for 8-10 hours - there is no reason to think otherwise.

How deep can a Pelican case go?

The Pelican Marine case can be submerged at a depth of two meters for up to 30 minutes and safeguards against dirt, snow, and dust.

Do Pelican cases have serial numbers?

Answer: There are four chassis serial numbers on the 914. Even the Pelican pick a foam goes from top to bottom. Pelican Case Clone Because the cases are waterproof and airtight, they can float—with a certain amount of weight inside.

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