Are dimples common? | AnswersDrive

Dimples are dominant genetic traits, so it only takes a single gene to inherit a parent's dimples. Most dimples occur bilaterally, that is, on both sides of the face. Everybody has two zygomaticus major muscles, and they are usually the same size. It's much less common to have a dimple on only one side of the face.

Just so, are dimples a good thing?

Definitely, dimples are good when they are natural or inborn, but they could be indicators of bad health, when they appear due to excessive fat on your face. The genetics of dimples is actually rather interesting. Dimples are a dominant trait, which means that it only takes one gene to inherit dimples.

What does it mean to have dimples?

It's a large muscle in the side of your face, and the dimples are believed to be caused by a divide in the muscle, which is normally all in one piece. The double or bifid zygomaticus means a small dent forms whenever you smile.

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