What to Do in Email Marketing from this September 2017[Latest Trend]

1) Send emails only to subscribers that want to receive from you.
If you have any email list with very low rates of subscribers activity, stop sending emails to them. Every time your company send emails to an email list with low open rate and engagement, it may hurt your company reputation and your potential chances of connecting with good and potential customers.

2) Have a big and clear goal for each email follow up before you send
If you don’t have a clear and big goal in mind for all emails you’re sending, perhaps the recipients won’t know really what the goal is, either. You define a goal for every email you send your company can define success and create an email list to make that happen.
Goals for your email follow up could include a contact details filling out form for a gated great content offer that provides your sales team with more information about organization, or  quick redeeming a promo code for buying on your website.
Give email recipients an option in your email messages, such as calls-to-action and text links in text, so that they can have multiple avenues to achieve your proposed goal. Everyone’s online behavior is different and you need to make your emails super flexible.

3) Personalize and test your follow up emails.
Believe it or not, Email personalisation works wonder. For example, back in 2015, our company found that emails with the recipients’ first name in the title or subject lines had higher open rate and click through rates than those emails that didn’t.
As far as personalizing your emails, always stick with the basics. You may personalize according to your recipient names and business names, but try to avoid being so creepy, leave it at that, urges email marketing experts

4) Consider Sending emails from a personalized email account.
Don’t send emails just from a business “noreply” email account. Most times Personalization works on your compay end, too. Try to Boost your engagement by personalizing of “from” email  to drive replies from your real subscribers to a real person instead of “noreply@yourdomain.com.”

 5) If subscribers stop opening your emails, find out what’s going really wrong.
Aware If your email open is falling fast, it means you’re are giving what they want or missing the expectations of your subscribers and that you may prepare for the worst outcome. It’s a real indicator that spam complaints may high and unsubscribes are coming fast, and you should have to immediately suppress or delete or suspend your unengaged subscribers to show email providers a feedback. Test various emails to see if your company can improve email open rates.