7 Great Tips to find the best US Consumer email list [expert advice]

US consumer email lists are sold many companies on internet. If you are looking for US consumer email list and search Google, you will get confused on how to conclude which one is genuine. Here are some great tips on how to find the best email list.

Do little research
There are many companies that sell consumer email lists. Doing little research to find the accuracy and reliability of the list is important before you buy any email list. Choose an email list that is accurate, fresh, updated and affordable.

Look for an excel file
Read the product description very well before buying any email list.  Confirm that it is available in Microsoft excel format. This ensure that they are not providing only emails, they provide full demographic details and phone numbers. An idea email list should provide all details a marketer or business owner needs.

Accuracy matters
If you get more bounce rate or invalid emails it could be a frustrating experience. Check for the accuracy of US consumer emails before buying any database.

Price is an important factor
Keeping the huge demand in mind, many vendors sell the list for high price. Some companies literally exploit the clients by selling the list for $500 to $4500. Never go for such lists, you will get so many invalid emails and inaccurate details for a non reasonable price.
Always buy an email list that is priced below 100 or 200 dollars. You will be in safe side by doing so. Here is a vendor that sells for reasonable price. Click here.


Instantly accessible
Your lists should be instantly available for download and accessible.  See whether the payment is through PayPal. Most of the email lists sold through PayPal payment will be instantly accessible.

Good customer support
If you have any doubt write to them. If they reply within 2 business days (1 day in most cases) they are good in customer service. If they reply after a long time, indicates that they are not professional.

Fresh and updated regularly
When vendors collect emails through various sources it takes many years to collect millions of emails. By the time they finish email collection most of them become invalid. Therefore ensure the latest and updated lists.

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