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Email List of Consumers and Importance of email marketing

What is consumer’s emails list? This is a collection of emails of consumers in the USA and many countries worldwide. Consumers are people or citizen or residents of a particular country who involves in various buying activities in store, shops and online stores. They buy things from a shop nearby their houses or far from house also buy things from online stores like Amazon, eBay etc. The definition of consumer is “a person who buys something”.

Every business needs consumers for their sale and profit. Without a buyer a company’s production of products has no meaning. You may a company, business, online store owner, shop owner in a city or town wherever you are or whatever you sell you need consumers to buy your products.

Reaching a potential consumer is not easy these days due to huge competition between companies in the USA or any country in the world. Everywhere there is hectic competition to sell their products and services to consumers. Companies and businesses try various methods to reach consumers such as television advertisement, hoarding, flyers, and magazine ads, email marketing, tele-calling, direct mailing and sms sending. Out of these ways email marketing is considered the most effect method to reach them. Email marketing is cost effective and one can reach millions of people quickly, easily and regularly. Though this method, companies and business can get new customers and repeated sales from old customers through follow up emails.

As per American marketing association statistic and survey report, every 1 dollar invested in email marketing gives $42 return. This is the most effective of all methods of marketing to get customers and sales.

How to get Consumer email address list?

There are 2 ways to get consumers email database. Either you collect them on your website with an opt-in form or buy from an email list company/seller/vendor.

Collecting email addresses:

This takes lot of time and money. You need to join email auto responder services like aweber, getresponse or constant contact etc. and build campaigns and build html email collecting forms. After that you need to put them on your website or online store. You need to give something for free in order get a visitor sign up for your newsletters or offer emails. It is very hard and time consuming. Moreover, it takes several months or years to collect emails from visitors. If you have a high traffic website, you may collect few hundred emails a month. If you do not have website traffic, you need to spend lot of money in Facebook ads, Google ads or Bing ads. This is not possible for every small business owners that is why big companies kill the competition and enjoy sales monopoly.  The best methods is to buy email lists from list broker or email List Company.

Buying email address lists:

This is the simple and easy method to get huge number of emails of consumers or businesses. There are many companies like this website who sells already collected email addresses. They have millions of opt-in emails list for sale. People have opted in to receive commercial emails with offers, bonuses or gifts or discounts. These kind of optin email address lists can help grow your business fast. These email lists are cost effect and quick way to reach millions of consumers and businesses in the USA and worldwide.

Difference in buying from other website and our website

Most of the email list vendors know about the huge demand for such email databases. They are greedy and charge huge amount from their buyers. Most of them sell lists for $500 to $10,000 or even more. But, we keep small business owners and affiliate marketers in mind and sell the email lists for affordable price. We have fixed up our price to $29, $47 or $99 for most of our optin email lists. We want to help more and more small businesses to reach their potential prospects through emails.

Business Lists and Consumer lists

We have both business email lists and consumers email database for sale. Our database contain more than 2 billion emails from various countries and categories. One can choose any country to target. We have all major countries email list such us USA consumers email database, USA Business email list, UK, Canada, Australia, China, European countries, Asian countries, Middle east and African countries emails list of both consumers and companies. If you are a company or small business looking for b2c email lists or a company that is looking for b2b business emails, we have solution for all your email marketing needs.

How we collect these emails?

We as a market research company, we have lot of partners who do online surveys, telephone calls and website forms to collect consumers and business emails. This is a tedious process and our team works day hard day and night to collect emails from people from many countries through various methods. After collecting, it is compiled, verified and updated regularly and brought to sale to ensure accuracy, freshness and good delivery.

Instant download email lists

We do not make our customers wait for long time and charge more like other companies do. We collect a very small fee for our email lists and give instant download of email lists direct to your inbox. Most companies ask buyers submit a quote and analyze their need and demand and increase price to several thousand dollars. This is totally an activity of exploitation of the buyers. We never exploit our clients, we offer cheap emails list with instant download after making payment.

Which payment methods we accept

We accept all major credit cards like visa, American express, MasterCard etc. We also accept all leading wallets such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Sofort, Ideal etc. Not only these methods, we also accept 150 crypto coins like Bitcoin, etherium, bitcoincash, litecoin etc. or even perfect money.